31 July 2014

Reminder Notes

Wake up oh sleeper!
Make haste.
Rise and get moving.
What is it that ails you so that you are not making something? Creating something? Moving forward?

You have this moment. Right here.
You are not guaranteed to have another.

The dream is sitting on your heart, waiting to be given some air. Let it out and chase it through the breezy, open fields to see where it leads. Give it room to breath. A higher space to look up at. If you always keep it hidden and secret, you will never get to see all the potential that is practically steaming out your ears. It's aching to be free.

Examine your heart to ensure it is a dream of yours and not someone else's borrowed. Your dream is beautiful and personal. Just as you and your creative nature is unique, so then shall be your dreams and pursuits.

Don't look at anyone else and think your life should look just like that. When you do that you mask your own potential and talents. Search your heart and pray for guidance to discover if you do not know. God will show you the gifts He has given you, so that you can use them to the glory of His name.

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