29 July 2014

Longing for Elsewhere

I used to wonder if it were seemly for one heart to reside in two places at once, to pine for the one while enjoying the comforts of the other.

- Lanier Ivester

These days have been full of sunshine and heat. Gosh, it is hot. The seasonal change of Autumn seems light-years away. Will it ever come? One day, when the Autumn weather visits us again I will be reflecting on and on about the things I only dream about now. Like a wisp of smoke I try to grasp at, only eventually holding onto a tiny bit of seasonal wonderment. And in those moments my reflections turn heavenward to God's blessings. Why doesn't God bless us with seasons here and cooler weather? I could wonder at this for ages, and receive no answer other than one word - variety.

The nature of God's nature is that of variety and loveliness that comes along with that, leaving no two places exactly the same.

Perhaps that is why we are always longing for somewhere else. We want what we don't have and dream about other places without fully appreciating where we are at this moment. And that leads to another wonderment - will heaven be all of what we always longed for? Yes.

We are never fully satisfied here. We know (or maybe wonder) if there is something better than what we have here. There must be. Our emptiness here is present and filled by God's love but we cannot grasp that. We cannot hold onto it because we cannot see Him. And yet He colours in our picture everyday with hints of His kingdom. We don't even know, we cannot even imagine the beauty of the heavenly realm. It will be deeper and more wonderful than we could imagine.

We know that will come one day. And we wait. We wait on the tips of our toes in anticipation of what is to come. We write about it. We dream about it. We ponder about it. He will come and we will know the answers to our questions. Or perhaps the questions will become obsolete. Or maybe even the questions will become the answers. It could be something we never thought of.

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