27 August 2014

Lemon Sugar Cookie

Creativity is contagious
Pass it on.

- Albert Einstein 

Sometimes you just need to make a cup of coffee, eat a big lemon sugar cookie, and partake in reading something delightful that offers some inspiration. In this case, the early afternoon was growing very stormy and unsettled outside. So, here I was with a lonely lemon sugar cookie.

The only logical addition to the party was a cup of coffee, and then after that something to refresh the mind in the way of Trouvé
, a magazine about the creative lifestyle. I just got this magazine and started reading it. My thoughts were then filled with some lovely words and photography and I wondered to myself what life would be like if I didn't enjoy this kind of thing. You know - reading, writing, drinking coffee, thinking. What on earth would I do with my time?

Perhaps I would dislike being alone so I might venture out into the community a lot to try to meet people. Maybe I would be involved in many organizations. Maybe I would be a different person, seeking social situations. Maybe I would have a ton of friends, with activities planned for everyday. Maybe I'd be married.

I remember when I was in college and there was always some social event going on and the buzz around the dorm would be about it. Rarely would I go to such things. The social events made me uncomfortable. Being forced to mingle with people and come up with things to say was exhausting to me. I usually planned my escape from the moment I got there.

I might be someone good with words, but it is the written word that I am good with. Not the spoken word. That is more of a challenge for me. But I also think I am who I am for a reason. I realized later in college that I didn't have to like those events and I didn't have to go. I grew to like who I was. I got an inkling that I was someone who valued a few close friends, and would much rather partake in a small outing than a big social event. That is part of what molds me, and it wasn't something that I needed to try to change.

So on days like this, where I contemplated going out to try to be more social, it was a fluttering thought like a butterfly that pauses around some blades of grass for a moment, and then darts off. It is fleeting. I don't have to wonder what it would be like if things were different because I am so blessed that I can spend time doing these things I enjoy just as I am.

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