19 August 2014

On Prayer

For infinite wisdom does not need telling what is best, and infinite goodness needs no urging to do it.
- C.S. Lewis

If we pray for something to happen, and then it does happen, how do we know if it wasn't going to happen anyway, whether we prayed for it or not?

Isn't it interesting how God gives us a way of talking with Him, through prayer, to ask, to request, to put our worries on Him, and yet in His infinite wisdom, He certainly doesn't need us telling Him what we need or what should be done. God sees all. God knows all. Surely our requests are obsolete in some sense because they are like one tiny drop of water in a grand waterfall. And yet, even though we are tiny, God wants to make it personal with you, and me.

The point is not that we are able to change God's mind or tell Him what is best, but that in our prayers we submit to Him and let go of ourselves. In recognizing God as omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent we draw ourselves to His presence and know that whatever may befall, He is the God of it all.

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