20 August 2014

The Story Goes On

On solid rock
I stand;
All other ground
is sinking sand.
Trusting in the Lord
with all that I am.
The Lord is my solid

Our future hope is a story that goes on and on.

Joyous in comfort of our own, we miss out on the potential of the grand story continuing if we stay cuddled up in our own brokenness that we hold onto for whatever reason we tell ourselves.

We were made for more than this.

God doesn't mean for us to stay sheltered in this cosy spot that be have made for ourselves. How can we help others from here? How can we grow from here?

Get out there and take that chance. Challenge yourself with something that has been put on your heart. Something you know will be good for you. To take yourself out of your box of comfort, you are letting yourself face and conquer something that will help you grow your character. It will give you the chance to let your light shine for God, as others notice you stepping up to the challenge.

Take it on, and don't worry. God is right there with you, every difficult step of the way. You have solid rock under your feet.

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