04 August 2014

Quiet Summer

I headed to my hometown this weekend. Venice is quiet in the middle of the Summer. The tourists are mostly elsewhere. The beach is quiet. The heat is intense. The canals in Venice are lined with sail boats and little condos from the 1970's. But this time of year it all seems to be asleep. So I went for a little drive out to the jetty and it felt like the rocks, the water, the sky were all sleeping. Still and quiet in the heat. The gulf water was as smooth as glass.

This rocky spot holds good memories of Summer's past. I used to come sit on the rocks in the mornings of my Summers home from college, before going into work. The morning is when it is most quiet and peaceful here. With a book on my lap, I'd spend a little bit of time there on the rocks, switching gazes from my book to the waters of the gulf.

The only places that are crowded in the middle of Summer are the restaurants in the popular areas (and the shops), and even those spots are a lot less busy in the Summer. We celebrated birthdays this weekend for my brother and my Mum at the Columbia Restaurant at St. Armand's in Sarasota. It was pretty busy with tourists. But we enjoyed it because we rarely go to that area. The restaurant has a long history in Florida (with various locations) and has some delicious Cuban food. If you are in the area, it's a good choice.

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