18 August 2014

Breakfast Date


I am on a breakfast date with myself this morning. I woke up knowing I needed to get out of my tiny home to let my thoughts wander, and a good way to do that on a very hot Summer day is to go downtown to Mitchell's Coffee Shop. It is Saturday morning but there is no farmer's market today, as August is just too hot, they take the month off.

The coffee shop isn't too busy. I order a coffee with soy milk and order biscuits and gravy because this breakfast date needs something special that I don't normally do. As I sit here taking my time, more people come in and I pick up on some strange conversations that fall to the background of my mind as I write.

It could be that I am invisible here, sitting at this round table by the wall toward the back. It could be that not one person sees me as I sip on coffee and scribble away on these blank pages. I sink into these thoughts and the time to do this is soothing like ointment on my soul that longs for more time to indulge. The shadows that have been lingering are cast away and my heart is opening.

The coffee sitting before me on this table is really good. With soy milk swirled in, it has a perfect blend of coffee and soy milk. The sunlight brightly illuminates the big front windows, and the heat outside stays outside. The coolness of this cosy place melts into me, allowing me to enjoy hot coffee and warm food.

I used to come here every week for lunch when I worked downtown, and in those days (which seem like ages ago) coming here was my escape from my day. It was a short hour of reprieve that was the thing I looked forward to the most. I had serious contemplations of hiding there for the rest of the day rather than walking back to work. Thankfulness wells up inside me now because I have a very different way of thinking about my work day these days. And I still love coming here when I have the chance, but my mood is not to escape from my day, but an indulgence in something sweet that I enjoy and take time to do.

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