14 August 2014

Unfinished Days

I don't know how but days pass by
without clanging or a sound.
They pass unnoticed, shallow pools,
like puddles on the ground.
No depth, no substance, they dry up
quickly, cracks forms on the dirt;
a quick replenish leads to more need
as it drains away, masquerading hurt;
with flaunts and flatters, no genuine
truth shared, leaving everything dry.
Without water. Without growth.
Just with speculation as to why.

One of my biggest fears has always been complacency. Not moving forward. Remaining stagnant. Not learning. Not growing.

When there is a day that I feel like I don't accomplish something, I struggle with that. I feel like a failure. Whispers like lies rise in my mind telling me things I shouldn't believe. I have always been this way.

It's at this point I should instead be listening to some different words. And these are the words I want to keep on my heart for such a time. To defeat the lies. From an old Irish hymn -- Be Thou My Vision:

You're my inheritance
now and always

You and you only 
The first in my heart
High King of heaven
my treasure You are

Heart of my own heart

Whatever befall
Still be my Vision
O Ruler of all!

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