06 August 2014

On Yearning for Travel

Let's talk about how every few months I yearn for travel My heart aches for it. I am getting to that point now where my heart, soul, and imagination need to travel.

It's funny because more than a year and a half ago when I was in my old job, I lived for the vacation days. I only worked so that I could get off to go away and forget all about it. My work situation was pretty grim. It's not like that now. I am extremely blessed because I never mind going into work. There's no such thing as dreaded Mondays anymore. It is really amazing to me, still, that I feel that way.

I say all that because even though I love my job, I still yearn for travel, but it is not to escape my job or my place here. All that is good. Very good. So good that since I started this job a year and a half ago (crazy how time flies!) I have been able to listen to my heart so much more. I've been able to grow more confident in what I am good at and what I love, knowing that I have supporters who like me just the way I am and encourage me to always be true to that.

So, that allows me to let my imagination free to dream about places and things I want to do, knowing that I can do them. The best example of that would be how I dreamed (as I always do) about going to Oxford, England for a few weeks to indulge in my very favourite place, and I was able to do that back in April.

So where am I off to next? You'll just have to stay tuned to see!

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