12 August 2014

Sweltering Summer

How many of you are over the heat? Has Summer become droll yet?
If you are asking me, then, yes. It has become risible and long.

Summer drags on and on in these Southeast parts. Six to Seven months of it just doesn't strike my fancy. I can handle a few months. I get it. But not more than that. So, this cold drink is a welcomed friends on hot afternoons. Other than staying inside or swimming, it is the only way to feel refreshed for a little bit.

When it gets to be around this time in August, I start to grow weary of day after day of the sort of humidity that soaks you in minutes. As I scoffed at the heat, I wondered why the longing for Autumn seems to strike me at the same time every year.

Then it hit me that it coincides with school starting again. It is when I start to see the new Autumn colours, clothes, scarves, boots, and accessories that I am jolted out of my endless-Summer mind-set and remember that there is another season! And maybe one day it will come!

I walk down aisles at the store with journals, pencils, pens, and desk accessories and I think about the excitement I used to feel when school was about to start again. I'd have some new notebooks, pens, and pencils, and that fresh start was such a wonderful feeling. The hope of a new season rises along with the excitement of starting school.

Even though I am not a student, I still have that hope that comes along with the back-to-school reminders I see all over the place. I might just indulge in a new outfit, a new journal, and maybe a pen. Hey, Autumn is coming! I wait in anticipation. 

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