05 August 2014

A Good List of Don'ts

- Don't forget that life is fragile and this moment will end and not come back
- Don't forget to tell those closest to you how much they mean to you
- Don't change who you are
- Don't let go of your dreams
- Don't lost sight of all the blessings in your life
- Don't let your head hit your pillow with an angry or bitter heart

- Don't regret taking time to talk with a friend over a cup of tea
- Don't ever become complacent with the knowledge you have. Always continue to learn and  grow
- Don't waste time on those who don't reciprocate your friendship

- Don't be afraid to say those kind words sitting on your heart
- Don't worry if you don't have 1,000 friends. Life is most enjoyed with a few good, close friends who know you well
- Don't pass up the opportunity to travel, even if you go solo
- Don't let a failure, mistake, or disappointment keep you down. Get right back up and remember it could be the best thing to happen but you just don't know why, yet
- Don't forget to relax and read good books
- Don't forget to be thankful. Always

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