12 December 2013

Christmas Carol

Pull up a cup of tea and a cheerful tree and read a lovely Christmas poem. I am in the spirit not only by decorations of visual elements, but through my reading as well. And more importantly, reflecting on the importance of Christmas and how that can be shared with others. Being immersed in a thankfulness that continues to resonate all day. Even on a dark day when struggles abound, a Christmas carol can always be found.

Christmas Carol

By Eleanor Farjeon (1881-1965)

God bless your house this Holy night,
And all within it:

God bless the candle that you light,
To midnight's minute;

The board at which you break your bread,
The cup you drink of:

And as you raise it, the unsaid
Name that you think of:

The warming fire, the bed of rest,
The ringing laughter:

These things and all things else be blest
From floor to rafter

This Holy night, from dark to light,
Even more than other:

And if you have no house to-night,
God bless you, brother.

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