16 December 2013

Of Ice Cream and Fruit

 I tried a few fruity and ice creamy things this weekend. The first was green tea ice cream. Um yes. And yes. Why have I not had this before? It is delightful. Not too sweet. Refreshing. Slight green tea flavour and creamy. It reminded me of that all elusive lavender ice cream that I cannot find anywhere and wish there was a place here that made it. Until lavender ice cream and I meet, I am going to have to be best friends with green tea ice cream.
This is a stove simmer, not to be eaten. I had this simmering most of the hours I was at home on Saturday, and it made my whole place smell so wonderful. It is orange slices, lemon slices, fresh cranberries, one stick of cinnamon, and a dash of cloves. I just kept it filled with water and the steam scented my place with the best aromas of the season.
While I had many options of fresh fruit I decided to make some infused water with the orange, lemon, and cranberries. So, in my little glass pitcher went the fruit and my filtered water, and presto! Delicious flavoured water!

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