26 December 2013

A Few Thriftings

Used books are my close friends. They come with me where ever I may go. Even if they weigh my bag down. I love finding old books that are new to me. On cold, wintry days the perfect solution is to warm up with a blanket and some hot tea, with a book open on my lap. Too bad it hasn't been very wintry here.

Anyway, I digress.
I love used bookstores. But another place that I find really good books is at the library. Finding books at the library for sale means they are anywhere from $.25 to $1, which means I score big time! Not only am I supporting the library in a small way, I am discovering books that very likely could not be found anywhere.

- Who would not want a compact Oxford Thesaurus? It is in pristine condition and a perfect source for new words! I won't prevaricate when I state how excited I was when I saw it in the shelf waiting for me.

- An original Nancy Drew? The first book? Yes, please!

- The collection of modern poetry consists of poems from the late 1800's to around 1940. I am always delighted to read through a compilation of poets to get to read the vicissitude of the authors.

- The blue book of poetry by Edna St. Vincent Millay is intriguing to me. Since I only know a limited number of her poems, I am eager to read more.

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