25 December 2013

Merry Christmas

I made these little snow globes for some family and friends this year, and I had such a fun time making them (with my friend Emily)! I got to give them all away now, and I love the reaction from people when they receive a handmade gift. There is that added element of appreciation for something that is made by hand. It brings me much joy. And these little wintry scenes with lovely, snowy trees supplicates warm and cozy feelings in me. 

Wishing you the joy of Christ and all the comforts He brings us in our joys and pains, today and always. 

Merry Christmas!

For these great days of Christmas thanks and song,
This is the tree that lights our faltering way,
For when man's first and proud rebellious act
Had reached its nadir on that hill of skulls
These shining, glimmering boughs remind us that
The knowledge that we stole was freely given
And we were sent the Spirit's radiant strength
That we might know all things. We grasp for truth
And lose it till it comes to us by love.

-from "Tree at Christmas", by Madeline L'Engle

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