05 December 2013


Serene, the night has become,
and yet in the darkness, hidden,
are stumbling blocks we cannot see...
Trust in God who knows all
and sees all.
Lean not on your own understanding.

It is the season of light because the true light entered our world, a gift we never deserved. But love overcomes all through Jesus.

A lovely, white glow casts its shine through the room. Even though the string of tiny lights is not vibrant, they create an atmosphere of comfort and joy. The spirit of a season dwelling in such subtle radiance. The comfort of home, or something like it. A place once dreamed of, now a little closer.Within grasp, almost, the light seems to be in this season.

No one likes to dwell in a place of darkness. The soft light assesses our fears and casts them away at the first twinkle. Drawing attention in a soft way. I want to be where the lights shine.

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