06 December 2013

Delightful December

December charms....

A cup of tea by my side. Wrapped gifts under my tiny tree. Cheerful candles light tables. White lights adorn my living room and kitchen bringing a lovely glow that I always want to have. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I do is turn on all the lights.

Several books pile on the ottoman waiting for me to pick them up. A stack of cards to write and mail. Stocking hung. Snowflakes here and there. Cinnamon pine cones scent the air.
I never want this cheerful, delightful season to end. The wonder that is emitted from every little charm seeps into my soul and brings a delight. Delightful is my word of the month.

Full of cooler nights. I am still waiting for the cooler days. Glimpses appeared, teased me, and then disappeared, running away to the North. I love to layer up and crave hot drinks to warm up. I am ready for it to feel like Winter.

Delightful December.

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