19 December 2013

Chilly Night Musings

To love anything is to love its boundaries; thus children will always play on the edge of anything. They build castles on the edge of the sea.... For when we have come to the end of a thing we have come to the beginning of it.
- G.K. Chesterton

I am sitting amidst candles and twinkle lights with a steaming mug of dandelion tea, and covered by a knit blanket. The night is quiet. My home is really chilly. The thing about my home (a concrete building from 1950) is when it is hot outside, it's rather warm in here, but when it's cold outside, baby, it's cold in here. Especially with all floors. Boy, do these floors stay icy cold!
I couldn't be happier, though. And no, I am not feeling feverish. I am perfectly well in my mental state (I think).

This month is speeding by and I don't want it to. So much goodness takes place in December. So many joyful things to be thankful for. My heart always feels more full in December. The cold begins to come and stay for several days down in Florida, then depart for a few days, but it comes back again. It is the start of the best season, and starting something is always inspiring. Beginnings are always hopeful.

It is in this month that I think about the good. I focus on that which is joy. The joy of Jesus and His most amazing gift to us. Good things are here. And good things are coming. I take a big sip of tea and think about the new year for a moment. What is going to be in store? 

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