18 December 2013


A soft twinkle luster shifts
A tone of a space
drawing attention to a loveliness;
Tradition in a new sense
Built on that which is ancient;
drawn to light from ages ago
still affects me today.
Light, shine in all darkness;
surround one with warmth
and reminders of the true
Light of the world.

There is so much light this time of year, and not from the sun, but from the Son. It's not from the presents and gifts that everyone buys for each other, but from the gift that God gives us in eternal life, made possible through Jesus. We know that is what this season is about. Why do we let it become about other things?

It's because we let our lives become about other things, too.
Let this season bring back into focus the true light of the world. Where we should always be looking.

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