09 July 2013

Apartment Tour: My Bedroom

At last! I can share a few photos of my bedroom. It is coming together with some wall hangings and a little flowery curtain for privacy. All my other curtains are either white or lace, because I refuse to block the light that comes through all my windows. I love this space and the light that comes in here. I took these photos around 5 PM, which has that beginning of the slanting light which makes this room glow. There is more to do, and I am always thinking of things to change and ways to add more charm.

Some of my favourite pieces in this room are from thrift/ second-hand stores, by the way. Like the two different curtains on the one window. The rug (from the fancy flea market). My wing-back chair. The framed San Francisco, London, and piazza painted scenes. Oh, and many of my books, of course!

I love it in here. I really like waking up to the lovely sunlight that comes through the thin curtains. Not in an harsh way, but in a soothing wake-up-with-the-sun way. I guess that means I don't sleep in anymore, but who am I kidding, I have never been one to sleep late. There's just so much you can do in a day!

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