31 July 2013

Mysterious Place

My favourite place of mystery: The Isle of Skye, Scotland

Have you ever been to a place that was so mysterious? A place that feels untouched and wild, yet somehow completely organized and perfect for every photo you take? A place where you can take two thousand photographs and never truly capture the scale and the air of mystery that surrounds you 360 degrees?

The Isle of Skye, Scotland was that for me. The atmospheric clouds, weather, and landscape was like I'd stepped into a dream. With rich hues of lush green, deep blue of the ocean, and the ever-changing blue sky or shuffling grey sky.

One moment to the next the view is shifting. From being thrilled by rocky cliffs that drop straight into the ocean to windy walks along them, and then when you turn around the mountains rise out of nowhere. They lack vegetation except lush green grass along sheer rocky rises.

A dramatic and spacious landscape with fewer people than sheep, one-track roads, and just a couple of tiny towns that have an inn, a cafe, and a petrol station. Ahhh, I dream of being in that mysterious place again where the wind whipped my hair as I stood in awe of our mysterious God who is present in every rock, mountain, and waterfall cascading off the cliffs tinted red.

The air of mystery never departed, and it only grew as the fog and clouds rolled between the mountains in minutes and cleared away just as quickly. I cannot find how anyone could visit such a place and not be sure of the existence of our Creator. The very essence of the place displays His creativity.

I wouldn't have this place any other way. Save for maybe less sheep wandering out into the road fairly often. But I suppose it is us that intrude on the land with our speedy cars.

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