26 July 2013


 Tea is a treat to me. Especially if it is one of my current favourites- rose tea or dandelion tea. They are both herbal teas, meaning they have no caffeine, meaning I can enjoy a nightly ritual of a cup of tea in one of my thrifted mugs that I have been collecting. Not only are the teas really healthy, but they help me relax and slow down for the evening.
This is a true homemade treat. Made by Emily, my friend and neighbor (who is an amazing chef). She came over the other evening for a cup of tea and had a plate in her hand with a slice of banana spice cake she had made. Oh. My. Goodness. This cake was delicious. I love banana flavoured anything, so this was an ideal dessert to me.
It is always a treat to see my baby niece, Elliott. I got to see her two days in a row this week! She's too darn cute so it seems a requirement to take a photograph, and in this instance I was so excited because I got her to stop crying, therefore a little selfie photo is the result. Ellie seems a little unsure, but she went with it.

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