05 July 2013

Independence Day

United States of America. We live in a pretty amazing place and have so many freedoms that we take for granted. We rarely think about the sacrifices those before us made for the good of the country and for our futures. No matter how frustrated we get with our neighbors or our government, we are all the same and yet different. We all struggle with similar things. And this country embraces its diversity, with so many different kinds of places from the north east, to the south, to the west coast. We have such a beautiful variety of people and places. I wish to see so much more of our amazing country in my travels.

How did you celebrate America's birthday?
I enjoyed time with family here in my town and got to show some of them my new home. Gladly we did not have any outdoor plans because we had several periods of pouring rain and even a thunderstorm in the afternoon. Wet all day.

We ate grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, corn on the cob, green beans, and watermelon. You know, all the American traditions. And I refused to indulge in any dessert that wasn't patriotic. So, as you see, this ice cream cone fit the bill and it disappeared pretty quickly.

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