20 July 2013

Lingering Over Coffee

I am lingering over my coffee this morning. Trying to re-charge my batteries today after a looooong day yesterday. (Actually the past several days have been long but so incredible!) Getting in from St. Louis at 3 AM (due to flight delays) makes for a morning mind full of non-cohesive thoughts and a lethargic demeanor. But I had the most fun visiting my company's corporate headquarters in St. Louis, staying in our CEO's house, and spending lots of time with the most amazing people. I am so thankful Colin brought me on this trip.

I have so many fun stories of my experiences over the last several days I have been away. I will have to share a little bit in the coming week, but let me just say how proud I am to be a part of my company, Larson Financial Group. Our CEO is a true servant leader and every person I met and hung out with was so welcoming and I felt like I had known them for years. It is like being part of a big family. That's an amazing feeling, to be sure.


For your reading pleasure, I wrote an article for Catapult Magazine, which just happened to be published yesterday. You can read it HERE.

Happy Weekend!

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