29 July 2013

Quiet Weekend Notes

This might be the most delicious thing I have made. Seriously. Toasted English muffin bread, avocado, lime juice, cumin, tomato. Go out and make it now; you'll see.
I love taking photographs, so I pulled out and dusted off my little DSLR and shot a few interior home photographs just for fun. It has been far too long since I have really used this camera. I really want to go somewhere to take some real shots, but any practice is good.
My lovely friend made breakfast casserole and shared a piece with me. It was the most tasty casserole ever. I am so spoiled living next to Emily. Everything she cooks is incredible. I'd rather her cook than go to a restaurant. 
Just cutting some fresh Summer blooms from my landlord's yard. I only wanted Plumbago but he insisted on cutting many other varieties and getting me a jar to put a bunch in.

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