17 July 2013

As of Late...

 Summer is lovely because it brings many delicious fruits in season. I have been eating loads of watermelon, raspberries, and blueberries. And also, these delicious nectarines!
 I love my little chalk board (my little brother, Tyler, helped me make years ago), and I like to change it every so often with bits of wisdom, inspiration, scripture, and quotes from favourite authors. I was going to hang the board somewhere, but I almost like it better resting on the short stool and the little crocheted cushion I made a while back. 
 Yesterday, my car crossed over into 6 digits. 100,000 miles. This can only mean one thing. Things are going to start breaking. But I love my little BMW, and plan to drive many, many more miles in it.
My lovely friend (and neighbor) Emily gave me this little book of wisdom and inspiration. We are such old souls. We drink cups of tea in the evenings and talk about flea markets, cooking, poetry, and she gives me an old book tied with a string. Indeed, we surely don't belong in this fast-paced modern age. 

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