22 July 2013

Writing, my love

I found great difficulty in deciding whether it is like my "sense of the is-ness of things" or my "Joy"...

-from the diary of C.S. Lewis- Wed 10 January 1923

I am not the best. Nor the smartest. Nor the wisest.
But I love to write.
I love to translate what I see or how I feel into words on a page.
And hopefully along the way those words encourage others or offer wisdom that points to God.

Occasionally I get asked why I like to write so much and how I come up with things to write. How can you fully explain your passion to someone? I guess I can begin with the words in my head and the ache to get them out onto a page before I lose them.

The words in my head are like memories that will fade. I try not to forget them as they make the trek from mind to paper and I want to articulate it well.

Writing is something I cannot avoid. Not that I want to. It is like drinking water. Sometimes I am so thirsty so my cup is overflowing with words that spill onto the page. And other times I am not thirsty and my cup feels dry.

And sometimes words fly in and fly out too quickly and I.....

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