02 August 2013

At Home

On simple days like today I think about how all the everyday little things matter. The conversation held with a neighbor. Taking time to prepare a meal. Slowing down to really look at your surroundings. Cleaning. Reading. Feeling the importance of seemingly trivial matters and recognizing God's presence in them.

Folding laundry. Mopping. Pouring coffee into a mug. Accepting a plate of food from a friend. Watching the leaves fall. Wrapping gifts.

I am thankful for a day to do such things. Allowing myself to linger in the moments because this day is only going to last for a few more hours and then it is gone.

My mind wanders to distant places and dreams held for the near future. As my cup of evening tea steeps I take a deep breath and recognize that my place is where God guides me to be and when I pay attention to that I see it more clearly. His will be done.

Being at home is full of good.

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