22 August 2013


I realized that I have started to write using cursive letters more often. I am not sure why. As I doodle in my journal and write quotes and verses, they tend to look fancier when I write in cursive, so that is what they have become. It is kind of fun because I have not written in cursive much at all, except when I had to in school (many years ago).

I was talking with a lady at church a few weeks ago and she was saying how they no longer teach cursive in school any more. Why not? That means kids will not be able to read cursive because they do not know how to write it.

As a lover of words, language, and writing by hand, that is sad to me. I suppose it is part of our modern culture and decisions that schools make when they look at what is important to spend time on in class. Technology has become much more important since I was a youngling. It has taken the place of old traditions.

I think it is crucial to teach both. How can kids appreciate history and tradition if they do not know it? Our history is steeped in tradition and kids should learn about it and experience it first-hand. To value the past and then move forward with the technology so they do not fall behind. It should all reflect and respect the traditions. I definitely recognize the need to learn technology, though.

If you cannot tell, I am pretty old-fashioned, so I tend to lean away from super-modern and techy. An old soul. Right here.

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