27 August 2013

On Spending Time in Quiet

If we don't have a hidden life with God, our public life cannot bear fruit.
- Henri Nouwen

It seems to me that our culture does not value quiet and reflective time. There isn't a sense of "be still". It's a hurry up and rush rush rush to get here to do this and that.

A friend brought this up recently, which is funny because I had already been thinking about it for awhile.
I crave the quiet time. It is here that I can hear my thoughts. Here is where I pray, write, and figure out my deepest feelings.
It is in these moments that I know myself the best because I open up my heart and my clenched fists to God, and let Him guide my thoughts.
Without these reflective times I feel jumbled. I cannot think or concentrate with my full self. It's losing my centre.

Jesus oftentimes took time away from everyone and went up the mountain or into the wilderness to pray and reflect. If we want to be more like Jesus, we should follow.

Being reflective does not mean you have to long to be a writer or feel poetical. It's the attitude of reflection that is essential. It doesn't take much to get going.
Start with --
Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be your name....

Recognize God is God and go from there. God will reveal himself in a multitude of ways at the right times.

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