08 August 2013

Chasing the Wind

Better one handful
with tranquility
than two handfuls with toil
and chasing after the wind.

- Ecclesiastes 4.6

It is better to be content with what one hand can hold and let the other hand remain open for God to move the plans He has in store. If two hands are held tight clenching onto everything there is no space for God to work in your life as you toil, toil, toil. There is no peace or tranquility there.

You will never be content if you are always trying to grasp all that you can.  What if we learned to live with one hand always open to what God may bring into it?

If we look to someone or something, Solomon says, we will end up with two handfuls tight and chasing after the wind.

The wind cannot be caught. There is no winning when you are chasing the wind.

When Jesus was approached and asked what he was going to do in certain difficult situations, his reply was simply "the will of my father".
What is our response? 

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