06 August 2013

Place of Inspiration

My favourite place of inspiration: Oxford, England

The stones of all the buildings display age, history, learning, and literature. Words almost spill out of the beautiful windows. Vines grow and reach around corners of walls and buildings. This place is full of life and learning.

Footsteps fall on hundreds and hundreds of years of history. Many others have passed this spot as a student, an author, a researcher, a traveler. My favourite authors lived here, taught here, wandered these streets, and ate in these pubs.

What is it about this place? I must admit I am drawn to a place of learning, hence the university. The history (a large amount of buildings are from the 1300s) astonished me. The varied culture (people from around the world come here, of course) draws immense talent. The availability of books and music is overwhelming I would never run out of either. The climate is so different from my Florida usual, and I loved everything about that. I loved being able to wear a scarf on a June evening and wander around the colleges all day.

I am drawn to all these things. They inspire me. I could sit outside here, anywhere, and be content with a pen and journal. But never could I stay in one spot because there is so much wandering to do. So many trails to walk, streets to explore, and libraries to get lost in. I have only seen sketches, glimpses, really, on my few visits here.

Oxford is like a dream come alive, for me. 

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