12 August 2013

Some Good Things

I don't know how flowers thrive in this Summer heat, but Plumbagos seem to love it, so I like to cut little bunches of them to brighten up my home. 
Last week my baby niece, Ellie, and I rode in the back seat of her parents' car together to Tampa for her finalization at the courthouse. I got to gaze into this beautiful face the whole time. She is so precious. She stared at me for a long while until at last, growing bored, fell asleep.
Sunday was a special day for my baby niece. Having three rows of family and friends at church to witness her baptism was a pretty special time.
 I enjoyed hosting many members of my family at my little tree house home this weekend. I love having friends and family over.
I am a little obsessed with this bread. Have you ever had English muffin bread? Well, I suggest you try it, preferably toasted with some butter.

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