14 August 2013

Beauty Hidden

I listen to music
I read deeply moving words
I see beauty everyday
I witness love and kindness
I laugh heartily with friends

And I smile because I see God's presence in things where beauty can be hidden. There is no other explanation of it all. Each good thing we see and each good thing we create is a part of the grand story that is playing out. We are a part of it each day. And every part matters.

What is beauty? Where is it? I can so easily say that I see it and experience it but how do we describe true beauty? Beauty different from the world has nothing to do with having a perfect figure and flawless skin. The beauty I talk about it something deep. Something that is almost impossible to describe until you experience it. Something almost from another world.

Have you ever looked out from a mountain view or some stunning scenery and felt a presence and deep awakening of something inside? Where you look out in awe of what you see and know that it is nothing compared to what God has in store. That His creation is beyond our understanding and yet we matter to our Creator.

Then the words flow into your mind, dancing like fingers on the black and white keys. Spinning and creating all along the way. Leaving traces of beauty like stardust.

And remnants of that makes its way onto the page, for collection. And we go through our days collecting glimpses of beauty, remembering that it all comes from God.

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