16 August 2013

The Little Things

After a busy and (hopefully) really productive week at work, I just want to relax this weekend and enjoy the little things. Here are some of the little things from my week that cheered my soul.
My new pillow is amazing. I have been looking for new pillows for my sofa, and I may be on the lookout for more.
I bought a bunch of mason jars that I use for everything. They are my new favourites. They are drinking glasses, storage containers, and vases.
These ladies cheer my soul- Jaime and Emily. We hung out one evening and ate shepherd's pie, drank homemade lemonade, ate cake, and laughed til our eyes watered.
A favourite pair of loafers were in distress when a tassel came off one whole shoe. I found out that my landlord is not only handy with every kind of DIY home project, but he is also very handy as a shoe repair guy. Now my loafers are like new!
And hydrangeas. Lovely gift from Jaime, who I am sad to say, moves to North Carolina this weekend. She will be greatly missed around here.

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