13 November 2013

A Cup of Rest

For with you is the fountain of life;
in your light
do we see light.
- Psalm 36.9

It forces me to sit down and stop other things to relax.
Forced relaxation. I am okay with that.
I cannot enjoy a cup of tea if I am running errands, cleaning, or doing laundry.
It is only when I slow down and rest. Let the tea do what it was made for.
Rose petal. Valerian root. Honeybush. Lavender.
Promoting rest through the liquid in my little mug.

Not just a cup of tea, but a delicate balance of leaves and hot water. A scent alluring. Steam rising as I breathe deep the moments of calm.

Long days full of busy times leave me wanting a little bit of a break.It's not that I am in a noisy or stressful environment, but unrest can come in many forms. It can all be in my own head sometimes, too.

What helps you unwind? It is usually something that forces you to stop and relax to enjoy it, isn't it? Shouldn't we all make sure we make time for resting and being in a thankful mindset for all the good that is taking place in our lives?

Coming home to a cup of tea to rest and let the day become deep night is that, for me.

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