25 November 2013


Sometimes all you can handle in your day is wearing Dad's cozy, old flannel shirt and trying to eat some noodle soup, all while watching some inspiring You Tube videos. Getting over some food poisoning was the cause for me to be so dreary, and I am so thankful that is over with, but these videos definitely cheered me and kept my attention. I couldn't help but share them:

1. Eric Metaxas talks about Bonhoeffer in his entertaining way. He is such a good speaker with the perfect amount of humor. His book on Bonhoeffer is on my reading queue.
Click HERE

2. The Grand Miracle by C.S. Lewis- A doodle with a reading of this essay
Click HERE

3. Malcolm Guite talking about The Inklings. This talk is mostly about Owen Barfield, who I have been very interested in learning more about and reading more of his writings.
Click HERE

4. C.S. Lewis: Why he matters today
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  1. Have you watched the short Redeemer NY did with Eric Metaxes sharing his conversion story? If not, run to his website now and see it! :)

    1. No, I will have to go check it out....