18 November 2013


The art of making bread. 
It is a lovely thing to behold. A delicious, simple food that takes some skill and a lot of practice to make special. A gifted chef, Emily, is passionate about making bread. She studies books and makes notes and equations for recipes. She practices. And she shares her results.

Her excitement for bread is how we should be about those talents God places inside each of us. He gifts us with something special, something that we are meant to pursue and grow deeper in. Each element of these gifts matter to this world and throughout eternity. We are also meant to share it with others, so they will taste and see that God is good.

Emily's passion for bread is a bit contagious. I find myself watching her flip the dough and forming it, and taking notes, and I ask her questions. She makes a mess of flour in her tiny kitchen, but cleans it up in a flash. The end result is a crunchy, tasty Ciabatta bread, which I enjoy with my corn chowder the next day.

(If you like food, visit Emily's food blog HERE. Just be prepared. It is going to make you hungry!)

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