12 November 2013

Emotive Fancy

And now, O Lord, for what do I wait? My hope is in you.
- Psalm 39.7

We are shaped by moments of varying emotive fancies, aren't we? Like Autumn leaves we change colours and change our desires. Where one moment we want this and the next moment we want that. It is almost like we seek the world to tell us what we want sometimes. Whether a physical thing or a relational thing. Free will dominates and so we have that freedom to ignore the desires that God wants to give us.

When I am in-tune with the Lord who loves me so dearly and unconditionally, my own desires come to me without effort, and they may be quite different from some previous selfish desires. God desires are what I want to have. And when those are my desires, the path that God sets out for me is more easily followed since He is the one who set them in my heart! When I let go of that feeling of control, I am free! I am joyful! I laugh more with that feeling of abandon! And I know that everything is according to God's will and not my current emotive fancy. That fades away like the colour of Autumn leaves as Winter approaches.

Praise God!

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