11 November 2013

Weekend Views

I have a to-do list that is a few miles long, and I knew I had to get a bunch of it accomplished this weekend. Gladly, I got a lot done this weekend, but I also spent a little bit of time doing what I love most. Writing. 
I made some s'mores, because it is the season for it, right? I just don't have a camp fire to make them. They just seem like a necessary Autumn dessert choice. Plus, they had them at Chancie's wedding over a fire, and I didn't get to eat any, so I have been craving them ever since.
 My niece, Ellie, was full of glee at lunch after church. She is such a happy girl! She doesn't want to miss anything fun.
Then she came to visit my home, and showed me how she crawls on my slippery wood floor. She had her first piano lesson with me, too. 

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