05 November 2013

Autumn Wonderland

My first morning in Black Mountain, North Carolina, I woke up in an Autumn wonderland, and I didn't want to leave it or miss a moment. Every glance in every scene was full of colour and gorgeous mountains lining the horizon. Sitting on top the mountain, perched up high, following the valley all the way to Asheville, NC with my line of sight is my vantage point. This morning the clouds are up here with us in the mountains dropping a gentle rain.

I am sitting just outside the kitchen drinking coffee from my french press and looking out from the edge of our mountain by way of the porch just outside the sliding glass door that is open, letting the cool mountain air come inside. And the sounds of silence enter in. I breath deep the clear mountain air and drink coffee in the quiet.

The gentle drips of a light rain drizzle echoes in this space, through the leaves on the trees. Yellow leaves drape over the porch. Orange leaves rest just beyond. Red leaves are down below. The array of colour is so beautiful! God's creative nature is incredible!
I am so thankful for these moments of quiet and beauty, and the sky is beginning to clear up....so it's time for a walk....

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