15 April 2014

Curiouser and Curiouser

Here are some curious, random things at Oxford. Things that make me laugh, or just stare for a moment. Because every town has its quirks and silly things.

For it holds like glue -
Holds the lid to the dish, while it lies in the middle:
Which is easiest to do,
Un-dish-cover the fish, or dishcover the riddle?

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Always look up. There are silly guys watching you. Gargoyles and Grotesques. A gargoyle (French for "throat") are the ones at the water drains, and the Groteques are elsewhere. But their goofy faces are very humorous. 
More in the way of silly faces, the Emperors that guard the entrance to the Sheldonian Theatre really make me chuckle. They are so goofy looking.
 Albert Einstein's chalkboard from a lecture given here at Oxford in 1931. He is demonstrating the concept of an expanding universe on this board. This was at the Museum of the History of Science. They preserved this board after his lecture.
In case you were wondering where the term came from. It has a legitimate source. Who knew?

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