02 April 2014

My Favourite Time of Day at Oxford

These photos were all taken before dusk, when all the tourists have cleared out of town for the day. So many groups come into town for the day, and leave by the late afternoon train (or bus). The place empties out and I can take photos without dodging large groups of Asian students who rush past you like a gust of wind.

One of my favourite spots in Oxford, this is Radcliffe Square, so aptly named because at the centre is the Radcliffe Camera, the Roman style circular reading room of the Bodleian Library. The road around this area is all chunky river stones, which have been like that for hundreds of years. Don't ever think about wearing heels or fancy shoes here.In much of Oxford, in general, the walking surfaces are uneven rock, concrete, or square stone.

The beautiful tree is a Magnolia Tree, which smells lovely and is blooming everywhere. Brasenose Lane borders Brasenose College, of course. The first photo is actually Christ Church College, Peckwater Quad, as I was heading out.

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