08 April 2014

English Eats

  Haha. British humour for you. The restaurant is called EAT, and it's a quick stop place, like fast food, but healthy. I got a chicken baguette which was absolutely delicious, and this "pot" of quinoa oat mango yogurt. Oh my goodness. I could eat this everyday.
I love this drink. I am a sucker for sparkling drinks, and this sparkling apple has no nasties (it says so on the can). That's right. It's all goodness.
On busy Cornmarket Street, I spotted this little Asian place, with healthy foods that are quick. I got the vegetable dumpling noodle bowl. They call it a "hot potsu". On my take-away bag it says "my potsu is hot". Haha. Oh the humour.
 At the Vaults and Garden Cafe in the University Church St. Mary. This is one of my favourite spots because the food is so fresh and uses local produce (actually many of the restaurants here do). It's all organic and they have so many vegetables that I love.
 From Pret A Manger, a quick to-go food and coffee shop, I grabbed some take away dinner. The wrap is avocado, cucumber, lettuce, pine nut, basil, yogurt mayo deliciousness.
My meal at The Eagle and Child Pub. I sat in the Rabbit Room where C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien always sat with their friends to have a pint and talk about their writings. Anyway, I ate this steak and kidney pie with veg and potato. Oh, yes, and a lemonade (the British call lemon lime soda lemonade, so that's what I order, and it's way better than ours).
 Dark chocolate covered rice cakes! Oh my goodness! So delicious!
 I don't even like croissants (my Mum loves them), but my friend Betsy from church said I need to go to the covered market to the little French place and get an Almond Croissant. This is the best pastry ever! I am in love, and craving another one.
 My lunch at Turl Street Kitchen. Delicious and simple foods. The menu changes everyday, depending on what is available. I love that. Plus they bottle their own still and sparkling water and bring one to you. I will be going back here.
The Cornish Pasties are like a stew in a hand-held flaky pocket. They are made in Cornwall (the SW corner of England). They usually have meat and potato and veggies inside. So so good.
I love lavender flavoured anything (coffee, tea, chocolate, biscuits) so I was delighted to find this here in the Christ Church College gift shop. And it's delicious.

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