10 April 2014

Turl Street, Oxford

It is another brisk, bright blue Oxford morning.

My morning routine has became easy. After breakfast in Christ Church dining hall, go back to room and post on blog, write a few emails, and then go to Turl Street Kitchen for the best cappuccino I've ever tasted.

Here is where I found the ideal environment to write, read, and drink coffee. This is a student hub coffee shop but also a lovely restaurant serving fresh and local foods. The menu changes daily.

Each morning I sit in a different spot. Today, it's on a grey sofa with lime plaid squares. I have views out the four large windows. One direction looking at Exeter College, one direction Jesus College.

I've been called a student at least 3-4 times. I can handle that. I guess I look like a student with all this bookish hanging out at coffee shops drinking cappuccinos and writing. That places me easily within reach of fooling many people that I am student here at Oxford.

My book this morning is a small paperback book of John Donne poems that I bought at an Oxfam bookshop last week. I mean, it makes perfect sense to read John Donne here in Oxford.

Lord, You are so good. You continue to bless me with these amazing days in my favourite city. This place reminds me over and over of Your eternal existence. The history here keeps it at the forefront of my thoughts. It is evident in the wondrous buildings, chapels, libraries, stories, and even the Spring flowers that are carpeting the grassy lands. This city brings more inspiration around every corner.

Okay, my cappuccino is gone now, sadly. I suppose it's time to get on with my day. Heading out to walk around Oxford!

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