21 April 2014

Magdalen College, Oxford: Addison's Walk

From the New Buildings, I take the path going back toward the cloister, passing this grand, old tree. 
I pause to gaze at the lovely vines that decorate the cloister building. This is one of my favourite scenes. I love the shape of the doorway, the designs of the windows, and the splashes of colour added by the vines on the stone.
I pass through a tall gate, cross the River Cherwell over a bridge and come to the path of Addison's Walk, decorated with bursting flowers.
Addison's Walk follows the River Cherwell, and a few lounging students (or visitors) in flat boats floated by as I took a long walk. My initial intent was not for a long walk. My goal was to find the C.S. Lewis poem on the path which is not too far along the walk, however, I missed it and ended up walking about 5 times further than I needed to. But I don't regret it one bit. It was the most beautiful walk I've ever been on.
It was a crisp, bright day. Perfect for a long walk. I think it was about 53-54 degrees at 3 PM, when I was there. Fields of flowers were everywhere. I have never experienced anything like it before. This was true Spring! Daffodils, Crocus, and the Snake Head Fritillary, which is the purple drooping head flower that is the Oxfordshire flower.
I just kept walking because it was so beautiful. I wandered across another bridge and into the Magdalen College Fellow's Garden, which had even more carpets of flowers. My eyes were probably wide-eyed like a little kid as I walked. I just couldn't believe every grassy space was alive and bursting in flowers, some of which I have never seen, like the purple Oxfordshire flower that looks like a checkerboard piece of origami. It's so lovely.

I walked pretty far. This is looking across the flood field back to Magdalen College. You can see Magdalen Tower and the New Buildings. Addison's Walk kind of goes around this whole field in one circuit. 
I found it on my walk back! This is a poem written by Lewis. He walked here along Addison's Walk almost daily. I would do the same thing if I lived here. This is where Lewis had a very important conversation with two friends, including Tolkien, about Christianity and how it is the Myth that is Real. It wasn't long after that Lewis believed in Christ.
Returning back to Magdalen from Addison's Walk. After my long walk, I am ready for some cream tea, which I am on my way to indulge in. 

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