06 April 2014

Spring at Oxford

Magnolia Tree and the Bodleian Library
 Daffodils looking at Merton College
 Cherry Blossom Tree in St. John's College Dolphin Quad
 St. John's College garden
 Lovely blooms in the St. John's College garden
 Magnolia Tree at Hertford College
 Giant fallen flower petals
 Christ Church Meadow area looking toward Merton College
 In the All Souls College Front Quadrangle
Tulips in All Souls College
At University Church St. Mary's (on the High Street side)

In Spring, when woods are getting green,
I'll try and tell you what I mean.

- Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

Here is Spring in all its loveliness. Flowers I never get to see are blooming beautifully before my eyes. Even on a grey day, the bright flowers add a cheerfulness, not that I need added cheer. I am cheerful just to be here! But they are so lovely. None of these flowers could grow in Florida, so it is extra delightful to me!

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