01 April 2014

First Day Daze

 This is the view I have in my room. I mean, who cares what my room looks like with a view like this? I might have the best view of Christ Church College, from my room in the newer quad.
This is the hallway to my room. My door is on the left. I am on the fourth floor, so I have lots of stair climbing going on.
 Here's me in my two-day outfit, feeling dirty and exhausted, but not wanting to miss walking around my favourite city. When I walk around Christ Church College, the porter asked that I wear the badge so they know that I can wander wherever I want to. Visitors who pay to tour the college cannot go everywhere, but I can!
 One of the entrances to the quad I am living in, the Blue Boar Quad.
 My window looks out to this lovely vine covered wall. There is something about stone and vines that capture my attention and think of being in a garden, reading books and listening to nature.
During the golden hour on my first day. I love the way the late afternoon light shades all the stone buildings at Oxford. They glow and photos look so beautiful. I stand in awe of the bold colours. I will show more photos from this little golden hour outing. Oh man. So beautiful.

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