03 April 2014

Who Said England is Always Gloomy?

I thought I would delight you with some sunny photos, because for all those doubters out there, it is NOT always gloomy in England. The day started gloomy but when I finished my lunch the sun emerged and stayed bright all day.

- C.S. Lewis ate regularly at the Eastgate Hotel. You can see his college tower in the background a bit father down High Street, Magdalen College.

- I found some beautiful flowers that I wanted to buy. Some English Ranunculus. They had Tulips, Daffodils, and many others that I never get to see.

- At the Bodleian Library, the dreaming spires pierce the blue sky.

- On Broad Street, lots of cars parked in the centre of the road and a vine covered building.

- 'The Bridge of Sighs' connects two buildings of Hertford College, and is supposed to be modeled after a bridge in Venice, Italy.

- I stopped in to tour St. Edmund's Hall, a college tucked away off Queen's Lane. It was charming, small, and one of the oldest according to its history, dating back to the 13th century.

- Punting on the River Cherwell on the edge of Christ Church College Meadow.

- More Daffodils in bloom! They are so happy. And looking across the playing fields to Merton College.

- Back to Christ Church College, my home for a bit. The grand building is the dining hall where I get a full English breakfast each morning.

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