30 April 2014

Soothing to my Soul

The night falling is gentle,
soothing to my soul;
clearing away dark clouds
in my mind.
Cleaning up the dirt that
covered me,
I am shaken.
Eyes open to truths.
Seeing the dirt that lies,
and seeing the beauty true;
All which lay before me.
Choosing to focus on beauty -
Those blessings cover me
like flower petals free
to dance about the wind.

Our lives are full of ups and downs, but mostly ups when we really ponder it all with utmost sincerity. Isn't it strange how one thing letting us down can make every bright thing seem dim? How does it have the power to do that? In our momentary affliction we let the disappointment cloud our sunny sky.

Then our own mind steps in trying to convince the heart that all is well and goodness is coming. It could even sprout from the initial source of disappointment! Our own pep talk may work and it may not. That is where certain people in our lives enter by grace and offer the love and support that keeps our heart in check.

These people cause us to change the tune of our song from the blues to genuine laughter. Clearing our vision and helping us see the big picture. Nothing cleanses the soul like some hearty laughter. Even joyful notes emerge from deep within somewhere! Afterwards, the outlook is changed. The meddlesome worry has dissipated. Replacing it is a heart full of thanks and wonder at what life would be like without such blessings that are bursting in abundance.

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